The “resolution” column will show the outcome of the committee’s deliberations, once added by the chair/Speech Advisor.

Number of records to review: 16

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SerialCategoryContestant Name(s)Resolution:PtsView
01Poetry ReadingAnanya RavalDenied
02Group Interpretive Reading (HS)Mia Smith and RaeLee GrangerDenied
03Radio (HS)/News Reporting (ML)Emma WynveenDenied
04Impromptu Speech (HS)Kate KetelhohnUpheld1
05Poetry ReadingLillian HinzUpheld1
06Group Interpretive Reading (HS)Breanna Kinnunen, Sophia ByrdDenied
07Radio (HS)/News Reporting (ML)Evan PowersDenied
08Prose ReadingElizabeth RossbergerUpheld2
09Poetry ReadingHeath ZumachDenied
10Solo Acting SeriousIris BoehmDenied
11Poetry ReadingOlivia PiskowUpheld2
12Farrago (HS)Lexie HenkelDenied
13Prose ReadingCaroline PlasilUpheld4
14Poetry ReadingJay WennerDenied
15Impromptu Speech (HS)Jack TaylorUpheld1
16Prose ReadingDezerae PelotDenied
SerialCategoryContestant Name(s)Resolution:PtsView
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