Debate Contests

Dates, Information, and Locations

Participating in debate is easy! All you have to do is contact us to express your interest, and we'll connect you with our supportive network of educators.

Coaches register the Wednesday before a Saturday tournament (except the State Debate contest, which is a week ahead of time).

Topics by tournament:

  • Oct. 1:  Resolved, the United States Federal Government should eliminate the penny.
  • Oct. 15:  Resolved, in order to combat the opioid/heroin crisis, the United States government should create federally funded addict recovery programs.
  • Oct. 29:  Resolved, the New Deal had a significant, positive impact on the U.S. economy.
  • Nov. 12:  Resolved: Space exploration should be a priority for developed nations.
  • Nov. 19:  A fun day of debate related activities (marathon pop-up debate, 2-faced debate, and maybe moreJ).  No need for judges on this day.  Coaches will run everything, and Hortonville will provide pizza, snacks and drinks for everyone.  There is nothing to prepare for this tournament, so teams can begin preparing for the December 3rd topic – knowing that there is a quick turnaround on debates in December. The topic for the December 10th tournament comes out on December 1st, so teams may want to start brainstorming topics early.  Time management skills neededJ
  • Dec. 3: Resolved: High schools should offer classes that teach morality and social skills.
  • Dec. 10: WHSFA State Contest – Resolution will be the January NSDA topic (Announced December 1st)

For more information, see our Learn to Debate page.

State Debate Contest