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It is the responsibility of each school to obtain permission to use copyrighted material, to negotiate royalty payments and to make such payments before performing the work. WHSFA cannot secure royalty waivers for member schools.


This directory is provided as a service; inclusion below does not constitute an endorsement by the WHSFA. Entries highlighted advertise/exhibit/sponsor at the State Festival in November (learn more).  You can select from the “Products/Services” menu any number of the following: Costumes, Lighting, Make-Up, Publisher, Sound, Stage. Contact us if you’d like to suggest any vendor listings for this list.

Wireless Microphones

There is a change that by 2020 could affect high school wireless microphone systems in the 600 MHz and 700 MHz bands. Some microphone companies are offering rebates to upgrade microphone systems that will be affected. Read more…


September 20, 2019
Edgewood College, Madison