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Wisconsin High School Forensic Association

In a time when budget cuts in education have begun to squeeze out classes and activities that are not seen as “core,” creative and performing arts activities like theatre, speech (forensics) and debate are suffering. Tired, overstretched educators are less interested in “taking on more,” which can challenging to nonprofit, membership organizations like ours, who are trying to promote more student engagement.

We are looking to extensively survey our constituency of educators around the state, research and aggregate data pertaining to participation in similar activities in schools, and determine how our organization can best meet schools’ needs, and make structural changes necessary to best facilitate services to schools. This internship is designed for the most motivated students, who have an entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity for “thinking big” and “outside-the-box.”

We are looking to add programming in film for middle and high schools, so a portion of this internship would be helping our organization research feasibility and best strategies for implementation of new programming.


  • Research programming by similar organizations in other states
  • Synthesize/analyze programming differences
  • Assist with survey design and implementation
  • Email outreach to schools to encourage survey completiion
  • Cold calls to schools to determine status of activities
  • Synthesize and analyze survey results (summarize, visualize)
  • Recommend future programming changes based on data

Basic Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Enrollment in two- or four-year higher education institution
  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Comfort, skill, and willingness to learn technology tools
  • Ability to collaborate as part of a team
  • Willingness to work between 9am-4pm on weekdays during the school year
  • Interns must pass a background check if they will be present at any of our interscholastic contests

Preferred Requirements

  • Experience with speech, debate, theatre, and/or film activities
  • Engaged in study of business, communication, education, government/politics, mathematics, and/or theatre


Interns will be paid as independent contractors for a finite term as negotiated during the screening process. Interns whose institution requires they not be paid to receive credit will receive documentation of their time, as well as potential for future compensation in other contracting capacities (i.e., the ability to adjudicate/judge a contest, assist with contest operations, or perform clerical work unrelated to internship tasks).

Learning Outcomes

The student will learn the value of preserving and chronicling historical records. Many organizations with a rich history, such as ours, simply keep boxes upon boxes of archival materials, yet those served by the organization lack an understanding or awareness of its history. Moreover, decision-makers are destined to repeat past mistakes or overlook successes when they are not aware of an organization’s experiences in those arenas. The student also would be exposed to a business/office environment, and inner workings of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Institutional Credit/Service Learning

Credit at your institution will be based on the number of hours you are able to work, successfully complete, and prior approval of your institution per its policies. The intern would be supervised by the Executive Director, who has been an educator for 20+ years, and understands importance of constructive feedback and growth. The intern would keep a brief journal of activities completed each day, as documentation of work completed, and on a periodic basis, would discuss with the Executive Director what s/he has learned. The Executive Director would provide feedback on the intern’s efficacy, as well as model best practices.

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