Meet the Executive Director

For 20 years, Adam J. Jacobi has worked in the fields of communication and theatre education, as well as public relations, government affairs and politics. As Executive Director of the Wisconsin High School Forensic Association, he coordinates contests, programming, outreach, operations, and governance of one of the country’s oldest state activities associations.

Mr. Jacobi previously was Programs & Education Coordinator for the National Speech & Debate Association. There, he coordinated development of an international public speaking and debating curriculum, which he helped implement in the People’s Republic of China, where he taught for a semester (fall 2013). He coached forensics and taught Public Speaking at Ripon College, and consults for the Harvard Debate Council.

For 11 years, Jacobi directed the speech and debate program at Rufus King International School in Milwaukee, WI, serving in leadership and service roles in a number of professional organizations. He also taught International Baccalaureate Theatre, Speech Communication, and Introduction to Acting, and served on the Board of Directors for the Milwaukee Shakespeare Company.

An author of several books, articles and guides, Mr. Jacobi has also led several professional development sessions, as well as academic presentations on the benefits of speech, debate, and theatre education.

Mr. Jacobi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication — Public Campaigns from Carroll University, and certificated for teaching at Marquette University. Additionally, he has taken several graduate-level courses, including on the “Teaching for Understanding” framework with Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero think tank. He has been enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts in Forensics program at Minnesota State University, Mankato.