This is what coaches will need to tell their IT department to ensure they can access the NSDA Campus/Jitsi 8×8 platforms for conferencing, as well as interfacing via SpeechWire to access their live/synchronous videoconference rooms.

These websites will need to be whitelisted (IT professionals will know what that means):

Additionally, the following ports will need to be opened:

10000 UDP: Web-RTC

You will need to make sure peer-to-peer connections are unblocked for audio/video connections to work properly.

You can also test it by going to – This site has a separate Test Competition Room and Test Practice Room, both of which you will want to ensure you can access without issues.

Your IT people may ask which domains/IP addresses to use for the above ports. Because the video servers are dynamically scaled and do not have fixed hostnames or IP’s, at least the UDP port will need to be open to all IP addresses. If they require a range, they can use Amazon’s IP list and filter by the AWS regions for us-east-1, us-east-2, us-west-1, and us-west-2:

It is possible that Campus may eventually use other UDP ports between 10000 – 20000, so if you want to be proactive, ask your IT department to open a wider range than just 10000.

If you are able to access the Campus room but cannot see or hear other participants, it is overwhelmingly likely the issue is not having properly configured the ports and domains above. The most common issue school IT departments have is with correctly opening UDP 10000. We have zero confirmed instances of someone not being able to access NSDA Campus when the above steps are followed correctly.

WHSFA is using a combination of NSDA Campus and Jitsi/8×8 videoconference platform interfaced with SpeechWire to handle live category contests.

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