Membership Form & Invoice 2018-19

This form must be submitted online/electronically by clicking the submit button below. Printed, paper forms will NOT be accepted.

Note new office address: 3815 Mormon Coulee Rd Ste 104, La Crosse, WI 54601-5088

Use this form to register or renew your school’s membership with the WHSFA. To streamline communication, we are asking for one main contact per activity; if there are co-coaches/directors, those can be added below the main contact. Please do not type in all capital letters.

This form will email a completed copy to the school bookkeeper (with an invoice number), principal, as well as advisors for each activity your school participates in. By completing this form, you are certifying your school’s principal has granted permission to participate in interscholastic forensic arts activities (Speech, Debate, Theatre, and Film), and that your school will adhere to WHSFA rules and school/school district rules pertaining to interscholastic eligibility.