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Middle Level Forensics
  • Schools with middle level grades (6-8) may participate in our contests upon joining the WHSFA.
  • Schools register to participate in a Level 1 festival, noting numbers of entries in each category (contest event). Students/groups are evaluated in three rounds, and earn "A" or "B" grades. At least two grades of "A" enable entries to move on to a Level 2 festival.
  • Schools then register to participate in a Level 2 festival, which works in much the same way as a Level 1 festival, except that students/groups who earn at least grades of "A" are awarded a blue ribbon; all others earn a red ribbon.

For schools hosting contests:

  • Schools may apply to the State Office to hold Level 1, Level 2 or invitational festivals by completing the Host Information Form, and those schools must be current with their dues and membership form. Upon verification by the State Office, festivals will be added to the online calendar. Schools with limited space may request Level 1 or 2 festivals to be "by invitation only," although the WHSFA encourages inclusivity and openness to promote the activity universally across the state.
  • Hosts should accept registration of entries by schools up to two weeks prior to the festival. Only schools who have joined the WHSFA will be allowed to participate. Allowing nonmember schools is grounds for withholding reimbursement following the festival.
  • The State Office provides supplies/materials** -- evaluation sheets, certificates (Level 1), and award ribbons (Level 2) -- for Level 1 or 2 festivals; invitational festivals may purchase supplies/materials or photocopy their own.  Hosts must complete the Request Festival Materials form at least two weeks prior the date of the festival, to allow the office ample time to ship.
    **When completing the materials request, a school can opt-out of receiving forms (and just get sent certificates or ribbons). The state office will pay 3¢ per copy, based on participation numbers.
  • Following the festival, the host school must submit a Middle Level Participation Reimbursement Report (expenses up to $50 will be reimbursed by the State Office).

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