Contestant Requirements

* Must be created by the coach and linked to the student record within a school, so it is connected with the student’s entry to the contest.

** If a school Google account, the student must have permissions/ability to copy a file template to their Drive account, so they can edit the new document on their account. Some schools have locked-down systems that do not allow accessing Google Drive files outside of the school network/Drive system. Check with your IT person if you’re not sure.

Instructions to Contestants

  1. Each round, the draw/preparation room manager will open the draw for each speaker position (first, second, third, etc.).
  2. Contestants will log into, where they will see a link under a section entitled “Draw,” labeled as “Click here to enter draw.” They may click that link when the draw supervisor instructs them to do do.
  3. If the draw/prep supervisor has opened the contestant’s draw, the contestant should see a link, “Click here to draw now,” which should open a prompt to copy the Radio packet file to the student’s Google Drive.
  4. The student may immediately begin editing the file on their Google Drive. No outside information may be incorporated; adjudicators will have a copy of the packet to consult.
  5. The student is expressly allowed to read/recite their radio newscast from their device as if they were reading from paper.

The festival will still provide enough paper copies for all contestants.

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