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This page is meant ONLY for festival managers. If you wish to register your team’s entries, please visit “Speech Contests” in the “Speech” menu above.


We offer a free online course that will walk festival hosts/managers through the basics of what plans, preparations, and steps they need to follow to run a successful contest (including step-by-step details on using SpeechWire). Visit: WHSFA Professional Development (click the “Speech Contest Management” course to enroll).

Materials/Evaluation Sheets

The state office will send evaluation sheets to subdistrict and district festivals, unless they opt-out to photocopy their own by completing the linked Subdistrict Materials Stipend form, at least one (1) month prior to their festival. Hosts may select their own colors, but should they wish to use the state office’s color scheme, that can be found below.

SpeechWire Festival Manager Instructions

SpeechWire is a full-service cloud-based software solution that allows festivals to schedule students and adjudicators to contest rooms, and generate schedules as well as team rosters with schedule assignments for each student. It also will print a master ballot for each adjudicator, each round — with contestants pre-printed, so the adjudicator only has to copy the score totals from each individual evaluation sheet. During the festival, the contest manager/host can enter scores for each round, and these will be reported to the state office for purposes of determining advancement from subdistrict to district and from district to State. The WHSFA provides SpeechWire, free of charge, to all subdistricts and districts.

SpeechWire Instructions in Speech Handbook
Instructional Course (click “Speech Contest Management” to enroll for free)
While festivals are encouraged to use SpeechWire, they are not required to. If they do not use it, the festival manager can login following the festival to simply note which contestants advanced to the next festival level.

SpeechWire Logins
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Photocopying Forms - Colors
High School CategoriesColor PaperMiddle Level CategoriesColor Paper
ExtemporaneousSalmonEight Minute PersuasivePastel Blue
FarragoSun YellowExtemporaneousSalmon
Four Minute InformativeCanaryFour Minute InformativeCanary
Group Interpretive ReadingSalmonMoments in HistorySun Yellow
ImpromptuOrchidNews ReportingGreen
Moments in HistorySun YellowNon-Original OratorySun Yellow
OratoryPastel BluePlay ActingCanary
Play ActingCanaryPoetry ReadingOrchid
Poetry ReadingOrchidProse ReadingPastel Blue
Prose ReadingPastel BlueReaders TheatreSalmon
Public AddressIvorySolo ActingIvory
Radio SpeakingGreenSpecial OccasionUltra Lemon
Solo ActingIvoryStorytellingUltra Orange
Special OccasionUltra LemonAdjudicator GuidelinesBright Blue
StorytellingUltra OrangeParticipation ReportUltra Fuchsia
Adjudicator GuidelinesBright BlueBallotWhite