Festival Managers

Speech Contests
This is meant ONLY for festival managers. To register your team’s entries, please visit the Contests page in the menu above.
The WHSFA provides SpeechWire, free of charge, to all subdistricts and districts. Festivals are encouraged — but not required — to use SpeechWire to schedule and tabulate; however, all festival hosts/managers must use SpeechWire to report to contestants advancing to the next festival level.

SpeechWire Manager Instructions

SpeechWire generates schedules for each student and prints adjudicator master ballots each round with contestants pre-printed. Contest managers/hosts can enter scores as ballots are turned in, and tabulated results are reported automatically for purposes of determining advancement to the next contest level.

SpeechWire Instructions in Speech Handbook.

Materials/Evaluation Sheets

The state office sends evaluation sheets to subdistrict and district festivals. For reference, we provide the state office’s color scheme:

Photocopying Forms - Colors
CategoriesColor Paper
DemonstrationPastel Green
ExtemporaneousPastel Gray
FarragoPastel Goldenrod
Group Interpretive Reading
Readers Theatre (ML)
Pastel Salmon
ImpromptuCosmic Orange
InformativeLunar Blue
Moments in HistoryPulsar Pink
Oratory (Persuasive ML)Terra Green
Play ActingPastel Canary
Poetry ReadingPastel Orchid
Prose ReadingPastel Blue
Public AddressSunburst Yellow
Radio News ReportingPastel Green
Solo ActingPastel Ivory
Special OccasionCosmic Orange
StorytellingPastel Pink
Adjudicator GuidelinesRe-Entry Red
Ballot (SpeechWire generates)White




We offer a free online course that will walk festival hosts/managers through the basics of what plans, preparations, and steps they need to follow to run a successful contest (including step-by-step details on using SpeechWire). Enroll: Speech Contest Management.

Manual Scheduling

While WHSFA provides SpeechWire, free of charge, for subdistrict and district festivals, we allow subdistricts to schedule festivals manually, provided they report results at the end through SpeechWire. Here’s a downloadable/printable guide:

Manual Scheduling Guide>