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  • High schools (grades 9-12) may participate in our contests upon joining the WHSFA.
  • By early January, schools should be notified by their district chair as to which subdistrict they have been assigned (dates and locations for subdistricts are available to the right).

    NOTE:  Invitational festivals or tournaments -- as well as regional athletic conference tournaments -- are run independently of the WHSFA, and are subject to registration and other protocols established by those respective host schools.

  • In mid-January, all coaches must register online, with an accurate roster of adjudicators and student names, certifying interscholastic eligibility (usually handled by an athletic/activities director or an administrator), and assigning students to specific category entries. During that same window, coaches may log back in and make changes to registration, up until three weeks prior to the subdistrict festival. See pdf SpeechWire Registration Instructions . As part of the online registration process, coaches book a State Festival time slot (Friday evening or Saturday morning); these are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • The State Office will share registration information -- as well as a supply of evaluation sheets, radio scripts, and extemporaneous speaking questions -- with each subdistrict host, who will use that to schedule and prepare each festival.
  • At the subdistrict festival, over the course of three rounds each entry must earn at least two scores of 16 or better to move on to the district level. Using the SpeechWire interface, subdistrict hosts will report advancing entries immediately following their contests, which district chairs will subsequently use to schedule the district festival.
  • Coaches will have a brief window to drop students who have advanced, but will not continue to participate after subdistrict, as well as to confirm or modify the adjudicators they plan to bring to the district festival.
  • At the district festival, over the course of three rounds each entry must earn at least two scores of 20 or better to move on to the State level. Using the SpeechWire interface, district hosts will report advancing entries immediately following their contests, which will be used to schedule the State Festival.
  • Coaches will have a brief window to drop students who have advanced, but will not continue to participate at State, as well as to confirm or modify the adjudicators they plan to bring to State.
  • Each entry presents for one round at the State festival. Entries earning 25 points earn a gold medal; entries earning 23-24 points earn a silver medal; entries earning 20-22 points earn a bronze medal; entries earning 5-19 points in a small bronze medal.
pdf Newsletter 2016-11 Fall (includes rules changes and other reminders)
pdf Newsletter 2016-12 December (includes information for the season)

Online Registration. Download: pdf SpeechWire Registration Instructions .
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Remember, schools may register up to 4 entries in Group Interpretive Reading, up to 4 entries in Play Acting, and no more than 6 entries between both categories. If a school has 5 or 6 entries between both categories, that school must select a Saturday time slot for the State Festival.

List of 2017 Subdistricts/Districts

Festival Host/Manager City Date
WHSFA Subdist 01A (Siren) Elizabeth Proctor Siren 3/7/17
WHSFA Subdist 01B (Superior) Rachael Holden-Kaufman, Andy Wolfe Superior 2/28/17
WHSFA Subdist 02A (Tomahawk) Nancy Herbison Tomahawk 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 02B (Wausaukee) Laura Struve Wausaukee 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 02C (Oconto Falls) Gayle Gander Oconto Falls 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 02D (Northland Pines) Amber Tilley Northland Pines 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 02E (Elcho) Monica Glander Elcho 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 02F (Gresham) Jenna Osborn, Natalie Onesti Gresham 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 02G (Crititz) Jill Brown Crivitz 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 03A (Osceola) Amanda Wicklund Osceola 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 03B (Frederic) Ethan Bergstrom Frederic 3/6/17
WHSFA Subdist 03C (Plum City) Angie Laehn Plum City 3/7/17
WHSFA Subdist 03D (St. Croix Central) Heather Jourdeans Hammond 3/6/17
WHSFA Subdist 03E (Ellsworth) Jennifer Kieren Ellsworth 3/2/17
WHSFA Subdist 04A (Owen-Withee) Barby Serocki Owen 2/6/17
WHSFA Subdist 04B (Alma Ctr Lincoln) Ted Imgrund Alma Center 2/16/17
WHSFA Subdist 04C (Regis) Judine Brey Regis 2/14/17
WHSFA Subdist 04D (Rice Lake) Don Pashby, Jen Helstad Rice Lake 2/13/17
WHSFA Subdist 05A (Athens) Dee Brewster Athens 2/13/17
WHSFA Subdist 05B (Marathon) Colleen Geurink Marathon 2/23/17
WHSFA Subdist 05C (D.C. Everest) Dawn Whitsett Weston 2/23/17
WHSFA Subdist 05D (Wittenberg-Birmanwood) Joanna Fradrich Wittenberg 2/20/17
WHSFA Subdist 05E (Weyauwega-Fremont) Adrienne Rice Weyauwega 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 05F (Tri-County) Tina Krummel Plainfield 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 05G (Assumption) Charles Renner WI Rapids 2/20/17
WHSFA Subdist 06A (Southwest) Heidi Baez, Mike Schuh Green Bay 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 06B (West DePere) Natalie Buhl DePere 2/28/17
WHSFA Subdist 06C (Sevastopol) Sarah Brandt Sevastopol 2/28/17
WHSFA Subdist 06D (Freedom) Terri Erickson Freedom 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 06E (Denmark) Juanita Ziolkowski Denmark 2/23/17
WHSFA Subdist 06F (Kaukauna) Keith Vanden Heuvel Kaukauna 2/23/17
WHSFA Subdist 07A (Hillsboro) Erin Hora Hillsboro 2/6/17
WHSFA Subdist 07B (Holmen) Kam-Lin Roswall Holmen 2/9/17
WHSFA Subdist 07C (Whitehall) Melanie Anderson; Meghan Oppelt Whitehall 2/16/17
WHSFA Subdist 07D (Tomah) Lizz Franklin Tomah 2/7/17
WHSFA Subdist 08A (Berlin) Nicole King Berlin 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 08B (Horicon) Sara Moldenhauer, Michael LeBouton Horicon 2/13/17
WHSFA Subdist 08C (Pardeeville) Anastasia Henaman, Kathryn David Pardeeville 2/20/17
WHSFA Subdist 08D (Marshall) Julie Laurent Marshall 2/20/17
WHSFA Subdist 09A (Oshkosh Lourdes) Linda Kaelin Oshkosh 2/17/17
WHSFA Subdist 09B (New Holstein) Donna Nett-Heus New Holstein 2/20/17
WHSFA Subdist 09C (Howards Grove) Jane Cole Howards Grove 2/20/17
WHSFA Subdist 09D (Grafton) Rebecca Ringhand Grafton 2/18/17
WHSFA Subdist 10A (Seneca) Sandy Connors Prairie du Chien 2/20/16
WHSFA Subdist 10B (Potosi) Laura Hartline Potosi 2/20/16
WHSFA Subdist 10C (River Valley) Dede Holverson Spring Green 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 10D (Argyle) Sharon Buss Argyle 2/20/17
WHSFA Subdist 10E (Darlington) Carmen Rielly Darlington 2/20/17
WHSFA Subdist 11A (Stoughton) Ruth Phillips Stoughton 3/2/17
WHSFA Subdist 11B (Milton) Shauna Wessely Milton 2/27/17
WHSFA Subdist 11C (Monticello) Anna Schwerke Monticello 3/9/17
WHSFA Subdist 12A (Burlington) Robbie Twohig/Matt Nie Burlington 3/1/17
WHSFA Subdist 12B (Waukesha West) Lindsey Walcott Waukesha 3/7/17
WHSFA Subdist 12C (Pius XI) Kelty Chelius Milwaukee 2/22/17
WHSFA Subdist D01 (Hayward) Ellyn Conhartoski Hayward 3/28/17
WHSFA Subdist D02-E (Tomahawk) Nancy Herbison Tomahawk 2/18/17
WHSFA Subdist D02-W (Marinette) Nancy Herbison Marinette 2/25/17
WHSFA Subdist D03 (Menomonie) Tina Fern-Denzer Menomonie 4/1/17
WHSFA Subdist D04 (Regis) Judine Brey Regis 3/14/17
WHSFA Subdist D05 (East Jr.) Toni Schumacher WI Rapids 3/11/17
WHSFA Subdist D06 (Bay Port) Pam Belden Green Bay 3/16/17
WHSFA Subdist D07 (UW-La Crosse) Kam-Lin Roswall La Crosse 3/11/17
WHSFA Subdist D08-N (Beaver Dam) Mary Kahler Beaver Dam 3/6/17
WHSFA Subdist D08-S (DeForest) Janis Williams DeForest 3/13/17
WHSFA Subdist D09 (Manitowoc Lincoln) Margarette Allen Manitowoc 3/13/17
WHSFA Subdist D10 (UW-Platteville) Sam Jonas UW-Platteville 3/25/17
WHSFA Subdist D11 (Belleville) Ruth Phillips Belleville 3/16/17
WHSFA Subdist D12 (Waukesha West) Amy Koszarek Waukesha 4/1/17
WHSFA State Festival Adam Jacobi Madison 4/21/17

State Speech Festival

UW-Madison - April 21-22, 2017

2017 State Festival information will be posted in March.

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