Speech Goals & Objectives

Fostering Meaningful and Effective Expression

Bascom Hall:  Speech Festival Venue at UW-MadisonAssociation Goals

  • To provide a significant training ground for the development of students' abilities in public speaking and in the oral interpretation of literature.
  • To provide multiple opportunities for students to practice and share their skill development.

Association Objectives

  • To create learning situations in which students develop proficiencies based on sound educational and communication theories.
  • To provide evaluators who will make judgments based on educational objectives and to offer an evaluation which will help students achieve them.

Student Objectives

  • Skills
    A. Develop skill in oral language as well as voice and body expression.
    B. To critically evaluate ideas and beliefs of others and to draw logical conclusions.
    C. To learn effective organization of ideas.
    D. Develop ability to recreate the written thoughts of others through vocal delivery.
  • SpeechIntellect
    A. To learn the fundamentals of research and how to use this research for drawing conclusions.
    B. To learn to organize ideas and present them clearly and concisely.
    C. To develop insights into universal human experience as well as emotion and aesthetic values.
  • Social
    A. Promoting school and community relations through participation in an intellectual activity.
    B. Meeting and interacting with students from other schools in the context of a social and intellectual activity.
    C. To realize the simultaneous opportunities for leadership and group participation.