State Speech Festival

The State Speech Festival will have options for both live/synchronous videoconference participation, as well as pre-recorded video submission for asynchronous adjudication. Please visit the “Speech Contests” page and review FAQs for more information about the season.

Asynchronous Itinerary

  • Video submissions due April 8
  • Adjudication April 10-14

Live/Synchronous Schedule

This year, we are offering four (4) time slots for each day to maximize usage of the live platform

Friday 4/16 Saturday 4/17

Virtual State Festival: Apr. 16-17, 2021



In addition to participating in the State Speech Festival, students can participate in a concurrent State Debate Festival, if they select a time slot on the opposite day they do four rounds of Debate (e.g., a student performs their Prose Reading selection at 7:00pm Friday, and does four rounds of Debate on Saturday).

Equity/Inclusion Resources

Safety & Security

Online safety and security are a top priority for the festival. We have worked with experts experienced with online events for young people to ensure the safest experience possible for all, and will be asking all participants (inclusive of adult facilitators) to uphold stringest standards for safety, including a reporting mechandism for issues.

All-Gender Restrooms

By building:
Social Science:
Van Hise:
Van Vleck:
*Please see directional signage to locations.

Harassment & Discrimination

The Wisconsin High School Forensic Association is committed to fostering safe and supportive learning environments for all student participants and adults at our interscholastic events. This requires mutual respect on the part of all people present. Accordingly, WHSFA prohibits all forms of harassment and discrimination by and to any person, whether written or oral, based on race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by any applicable federal, state, or local law. Individuals found to have violated this policy will be subject to a full range of sanctions, up to and including removal from the festival premises.

Complaints/Equity Officer

If you have a concern about how people are treating you that you want to make known to the WHSFA and, if appropriate, legal authorities, or you have witnessed behavior inconsistent with the Harassment and Discrimination Policy, please report to the festival headquarters, and request to meet with an equity officer. You will be asked to complete a form sharing your information and describing the violation. You will then discuss the grievance informally and on a verbal basis with an equity officer, who shall in turn, investigate the complaint. Whenever possible, connect with an equity officer in person first.

Planning Your Visit

Non-bus parking lot occupancy information


We do not provide parking; school buses park per instructions in the information document, above.

Other Information