State Theatre Venues 2019

Assignment of space will be based on: (a). scenery needs and (b). size of cast/crew.  We only have so many time slots available in the Mainstage, so schools should have the flexibility to assemble scenery on stage for smaller venues.

By November 1, we will have specifics on distance from “on deck” scenery holding areas to the stage, so schools may practice moving onto/off the stage. Remember: timing for each show is from when the first foot, prop, or scenery comes onto the stage, and until the last one leaves


30′ W Upstage / 24′ W Downstage x 22′ D
Upstage cross lane provided
Wings noted in ground plan diagram
Cyclorama available (this space only)
9 areas (3×3)-warm/cool + LED top light and neutral (violet-ish) side lights; 2 follow spots

Ground Plan Diagram

T6 Studio

30′ W x 20′ D x 14’6″ H clearance*
*8′ H to catwalk (6’3″ from SL)
Upstage cross via backstage
No wings nor masking
3 areas, warm/cool + top

Ground Plan Diagram

Recital Hall

24′ W Upstage /42′ W Downstage x 24 ‘ D
Upstage cross via exit to corridor
Masking for SL/SR doors
3 areas, warm/cool + top

Ground Plan Diagram