Assignment of space will be based on: (a). scenery needs and (b). size of cast/crew. We only have so many time slots available in the larger space, so schools should have the flexibility to assemble scenery on stage for smaller venues.


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Gary Olsen

Host Venue Coordinator (he, his, him)
One of the state theatre festival's longest standing partners, Prof. Olsen has been deeply engaged in high school theatre outreach, serving as part of DPI's Theatre Standards Committee in 2018-19. He was department chair from 2006-2016, and his focus is on Lighting and Sound Design as well as State Management. He earned his MFA from Illinois State University in 1985 and BS from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 1981. Gary has served as a board member of United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Midwest Section and as an adjudicator for the American College Theatre Festival, Region III.
Ann Warren

Ann Warren

Technical Director (she, her, hers)
Ann Warren earned her degree in Theater from Indiana State University, where she also served as Scenic Studio Supervisor and Technical Director for over a decade, specializing in teaching students how to navigate scenic construction and Technical Direction. Previously, Ann was Assistant Technical Director for Set-Up and Company, a scenic and décor company in Indianapolis, where she realized projects for television, film, and live entertainment events, and décor for theme restaurants, libraries, and retail outlets as well as corporate events and architectural details and décor for new construction projects.

Jenkins Theatre

30′ W x 20′ D
Upstage cross lane provided
Wings noted in ground plan diagram
Cyclorama available (no longer available)
inputs to sound system include: 3.5 mm, ¼”, RCA, and XLR coming from your playback device
6 areas (3×2)-warm/cool ; 1 follow spot

Jenkins Theatre is a 372 seat traditional proscenium stage. The stage features 40 linesets with Brickhouse arbors, 9 motorized winches, 8 traps and a hydraulically actuated orchestra pit.


Jenkins Load-in and Load-Out

Load-in for Jenkins Theatre is at the south side of the Noel Fine Arts Center on Portage St.

  • The loading dock is near the middle of the building. Unload through the corridor and into the elevator. A sign will be posted. Take the elevator to the second floor and unload in the corridor outside Jenkins Theatre.
  • Do not enter backstage until a crew member instructs you to do so. There will be a performance in progress.
  • Move scenery from the corridor to backstage when instructed.
  • Set up scenery on stage when instructed.
  • Strike all scenery down stage on to the orchestra pit elevator which will carry you down to the ground floor, where you will then move out the trap room to Portage Street.
  • Your UWSP Host will help direct you.

Michelsen Hall

30′ W x 20′ D

inputs to sound system include: 3.5 mm, ¼”, RCA, and XLR coming from your playback device
6 areas (3×2)-warm/cool ; 1 follow spot

Michelsen Hall has a seating capacity of 349. Its responsive acoustics, clear sight lines, and warm ambiance create a delightful setting for all kinds of musical performances. In addition, recently added state-of-the-art sound and video equipment provide the space with the flexibility to be used in a variety of multimedia settings.


Michelsen Load-in and Load-Out

Load-in for Michelsen Theatre is at the north side of the Noel Fine Arts Center in Parking Lot E, off Isadore Street.

  • Unload through the double doors at the Northwest corner of the building. A sign will be posted.
  • Turn right as soon as you clear the doors. The elevator is at the end of the corridor.
  • Take the elevator to the second floor, then turn left. The staging area will be at the bottom of the stairs outside Michelsen Theatre.
  • Do not enter backstage until a crew member instructs you to do so. There will be a performance in progress.
  • Strike will be stage left. There is a staircase on the right down the corridor. If items are too heavy to carry down stairs safely, continue to the end of the corridor and turn right. The elevator is located at the center of the building.
  • Your UWSP Host will help direct you.

Traffic & Parking

Noel Fine Arts Center (NFAC) at UW-Stevens Point is located at 1800 Portage Street, Stevens Point.

Bus parking in campus lots on Thursday/Friday is not available. Buses can drop off and pick up (including load-in and load-out), but then will be directed away from the theatres. On Saturdays, large buses have parked in Lot R, but should NOT park in Lot Y.

Trucks may park in metered spaces if they fit.

Meter parking is available in Lots R and Y low cost per hour (coin/credit card and Passport Parking app options). Meters are not enforced after 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday, and are open (not enforced) all day Saturday.

Campus Info

Instead of providing meals, since we are still navigating this pandemic, we ask schools to explore food options (on and off-campus) in the campus map at the top of the page.

Follow signage in the Noel Fine Arts Center.

Visitors may connect to the guest wireless network.

Connect your device to the wireless network connection identified as “UWSP_Unsecure_Guest.”  To register with this network open a web browser and enter a valid email address.

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