Upload video file directly

Better for Thespy entries: A video file of less than 100MB in size, saved in .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, or .m4v, .mov, or .qt format, can be directly uploaded to the form. If your video is larger than that, you may compress the video to an optimized file size (see information to the right). After logging in (reset password if needed), click to submit:

Upload to Dropbox

If you have a video of more than 100MB, this is the easiest option. Simply upload to the form, and we’ll take care of sharing the link to adjudicators. This allows us to protect all videos (of copyrighted works or otherwise), from being downloaded. In your filename, please identify the name of the play, and if applicable, designation of cast (Cast A, Cast B, etc.).

Upload to Vimeo

If you are doing a public domain or devised work without copyright/licensing requirements — and uploading a video of 500MB or less, the Vimeo free plan should be enough.

If you are doing a licensed work and/or video of more than 500MB, you will need to upgrade to the Vimeo Plus plan ($12/mo. or $9.60/mo. or $67.20/year with coupon code BACK2IT. For licensed works, you must modify the privacy setting for your video to hide the video from Vimeo.com and enable “domain-level privacy” by enabling the video to only play on fest.whsfa.org and whsfa.org

Once you have set a password and logged in as per above — and uploaded your video to Vimeo — click this link to submit:

If you’re having trouble

Contact the state office to arrange to share your video file via a private link on Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox. This should be a private link shared to videos AT whsfa.org (replace “AT” with the “@” sign).

Be mindful of copyright and do not share video links with students, parents, etc. Please do NOT use a sharing setting such as "Anyone with the link can view." Only share directly with  videos AT whsfa.org (replace "AT" with the "@" sign).

Video Compression Options

To upload a video to the WHSFA submission form, it has to be less than 100MB. This should be fine for most Thespy entries; however, recordings of one-acts, especially in-person video capture, will likely be a larger format. Some computers have pre-installed apps to convert/resave videos in a compressed (smaller) file size. Tools on the top half of this linked page are software apps you can install on a Windows or Mac computer; tools on the bottom half of the page are online tools that can be accessed in a web browser, such as Google Chrome.

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