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CategoryContestant Name(s)Title/TopicVideo URL/LinkNature of challengeRule(s) violatedAdditional informationOffice useContestDate Created
Poetry ReadingNessiah FannStoriesyoutube.com

Original poem recited by memory without the use of scrip

3. Material is to be read from a paper manuscript with optional use of a reading stand provided by the student
pg 35

High School State04/10/2021
Group Interpretive ReadingElizabeth Davis and Anna LeBoutonStreet Smartsyoutube.com

The speakers are not social distanced and they appear to inadvertently touch at 5:06 and 5:54.

page 23, Rule 5 b.

High School State04/10/2021
Informative SpeechShrishrika M PattaswamyHindu Hate Crimesyoutube.com

It appears that the student is reading the speech from notes posted behind the camera. It becomes most noticable at the end of the speech when speaker is looking very high and to right. She also never refers to notecards during her speech.

Page 27 WHSFA handbook. Use of one notecard.

High School State04/11/2021
Informative SpeechSariah TeubertFoster Children

Cannot access works cited page via Speechwire

Page 27: In addition to citing sources in the speech, the coach of the contestant must hand submit a printed list of works
cited in MLA or APA format when registering the contestant to the adjudicator prior to speaking; adjudicators
will return the list to the contestants by the end of the round. When no list is provided, the adjudicator will
deduct two points; the list should support what the student orally cites in the speech, but adjudicators should
only evaluate actual spoken citations and may not deduct points for formatting.

High School State04/11/2021
Group Interpretive Reading267E3 Wyatt Jensen, Raegan Davis, Ella Tretsven, Blake Neuenschwander and Stella JohansenThe Book With No Picturesyoutube.com

I wanted to notify you to see if this is indeed a problem (maybe it's not). I was assigned the Group Interp listed above for both the District and State competitions. My concern is that I'm not sure it is fair to have the same judge do both. I can't find a rule that states it can't be done, but I just wanted to check. My concern with this piece is that it is a 4:19 performance with a 1:02 introduction. In my opinion, that is just not enough time. I felt I was very generous at District, but shouldn't be at State. The video is dated Feb. 17, so it is the same video for both District and State. I scored both as I felt it deserved at the time. Maybe I am being biased, and I don't want that to affect anyone's scores. Thank you for your attention and your consideration to this matter.

Not sure if it is a rule violation.

High School State04/11/2021
Play Acting246H1 Hailey Allender-Pautz and Hailey VanRensHailey & Haileyyoutube.com

Students did not follow rule #5b. They did not stand 6 feet apart nor did they not touch each other. Face masks were also missing. Within the first mintute, students were standing side to side during intro and at 0:30 they shook hands.

Rule 5b. Page 33.

High School State04/12/2021
Moments in Historyall contestants except onesee question below

All contestants except one do not cite any sources in their speech presentations. One, 148F2 Morgan Larson, does an excellent job of incorporating citations. None of the others did. Is this not a requirement? I mentioned it in most of their feedback but did not penalize them in my points at all. Just wanted to check with you regarding how significant this rule is, or if it's meant to be loosely applied. Thank you!

From page 29 of the Speech Handbook, Rule 6: "In addition to citing sources in the speech," which is emphasized in bold and underlined. Further referenced in Criteria for Evaluation, point 2.
Is flexibility offered regarding what an appropriate need is to cite a source? Thanks for taking a look. Best wishes.

High School State04/12/2021
Prose Reading164K1 Katrina PrankeA Streetcar Named Desiregoogle.com

The presenter reads a transition from her manuscript.

The presenter reads a transition from her manuscript.

High School State04/12/2021
Group Interpretive ReadingLeah Hutchinson, Rachel Yelk and Gracie BergemanThis Could Be Youloom.com

The script is from a drama/play for the screen - YouTube video - and is prohibited. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9v_bUMqFHg

Page 23. 2. The script may be a cutting, a complete work, or a script compiled from a variety of sources, including prose,
poetry, or essay – or a combination of these forms – but drama (play for theatre, screen, or radio) as source
material is prohibited. A copy of all source material must be available for inspection.

High School State04/12/2021
Persuasive/Oratory SpeechSarah Zuge #4 254G2Voting Systemyoutube.com

folded piece of paper used for notes
see 4:02 in the video

one 4 times 6 notecard permitted

High School State04/12/2021
Impromptu SpeechJack Taylor, 189T1Has unrest in United States strengthened critics of America abroad?youtube.com

This student's selected prompt ("Has unrest in United States strengthened critics of America abroad?") does not match with any of the impromptu speech topics that are found in the reference document.

Page 25. The state office will share topic prompts..
Instructions: Contestants should have spoken on one of the questions below. This is provided to adjudicators for reference. (This comes directly from the Google Doc posted by the State Office.)

High School State04/12/2021
CategoryContestant Name(s)Title/TopicVideo URL/LinkNature of challengeRule(s) violatedAdditional informationOffice useContestDate Created
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