Theatre Adjudicators

Training & Certification #

Interscholastic Theatre contests involve subjective and standards-based evaluation of students in a fully produced play of up to 40 minutes. Coaches and/or adjudicators (judges) gain certification through training, and can report time spent as professional development. We offer an entirely online course for individuals adjudicating our one-act play series.

Get Hired to Adjudicate #

Contact us and we’ll connect you to a contest manager in your area. You also may check our Jobs Board.

Adjudication Changes 2021-onward #

  • Adjudicators no longer recommend “Advance” nor “Stop,” nor overall school awards at State.
  • Adjudicators award points across several evaluation criteria, and the average of each adjudicator’s scores determines which shows advance to the next contest level.
  • Comments for each evaluation criterion should justify scores. Bear in mind:
    3 = Proficient – meets expectations of questions in the criterion; not necessarily perfect;
    2 = Developing – some elements are still progressing, but not finished;
    1 = Minimal – most elements are unfinished and distract from the overall message to be conveyed by the production.
  • Average scores needed by at least two adjudicators:
    District → Advance to Sectional: 1.5+
    Sectional → Advance to State: 2.3+
    State → Awards (Direction, Ensemble, Technical, Overall/Critic’s Choice): 2.67+
    Acting awards are still based on at least two nominations of individual actors.
  • Evaluation criteria simplified/streamlined.

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Updated on 01/02/2024
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