WISDAA Contests

Locations & Dates #

Visit our Interactive Calendar, to hover your mouse over contests for location and details. Each local area sets its own schedules, so the State Office posts these on our website only when we have been notified.

Seasons #

Students may participate in multiple activities, and schools with middle level grades may participate in any of our activities, with only Speech having a distinct/separate contest series for middle level and high school. Speech and Theatre utilize a qualifying contest series, whereas Debate offers a single, monthly open structure, where students must earn qualifying records/scores at at least two contests, or apply for at-large consideration. Film is a “one-off” State-level event only. There are also other Speech contest opportunities in Wisconsin beyond WISDAA.

September (Late Sept.): Workshop
October Open Contest District
November Open Contest Sectional | State
December Open Contest
January Open Contest Level 1
February Open Contest Level 1 (cont’d) | Level 2 Subdistrict
March Open Contest Level 2 (cont’d) District
April State (w/Speech) State (w/Debate) State
May State (cont’d)

Registering #

The Theatre and Speech (middle + high school) seasons start with an Initial Registration process, powered by SpeechWire. Debate is handled through a different platform, Film is just the State-level contest, and is handled through SpeechWire.

Contest Contacts #

You may Contact Us to be connected to a local contest contact.

Hosting a Festival #

We have developed Help pages for hosting contests. WISDAA provides (pays for) contest management technology (SpeechWire; or for debate, for all official WISDAA contests.

Eligibility #

Updated on 01/02/2024
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